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Sheridan Smith health: ‘It got worse and worse’ – D-Day singer & actress’ unseen condition

Sheridan Smith, 37, suffers with anxiety, and the actress has spoken about her battles with the condition in the past. Speaking to the Radio Times ahead of Cleaning Up airing on TV, she spoke about her anxiety soaring during her appearance on the stage in Funny Girl in 2016. The actress said: “My anxiety levels… Read More »

The most expensive medicine ever treats a rare condition. The price: $2.13 million – Los Angeles Times

Evelyn Villarreal was one of the first children treated, at 8 weeks. Her family, from Centreville, Va., had lost their first child to spinal muscular atrophy at 15 months. Two years later when Evelyn was born a test showed she also had the disease, so the family enrolled her in the gene therapy study at… Read More »

Is blue balls a real condition?

Blue balls is the slang term for epididymal hypertension. It refers to aching or painful testicles, which some people may experience after sexual arousal that does not result in orgasm. This symptom occurs because blood builds up in the testicles during arousal, causing them to ache if the person remains aroused for too long. Although… Read More »