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In mice, a high-fat diet cuts a ‘brake’ used to control appetite – Science News

A gut-busting diet may set the brain up for more of the same. After mice ate fatty food for just two weeks, cells in their brains that send a “stop eating” signal were quieter than those in mice that didn’t eat high-fat chow, researchers report in the June 28 Science. The result helps untangle the… Read More »

Portion control is just another diet that won’t work for most – Quartz

Most diets fall into one of two categories—they either claim to unlock a previously misunderstood secret of nutrition science that will lead to effortless weight loss (see: Keto, Atkins); or they promise an innovative way to change your thinking around food that will lead to effortless weight loss (see: Noom, intermittent fasting). The reality is… Read More »

Epic, Cerner control 85% of large hospital EHR space, KLAS reports

Dive Brief: While fewer large hospitals and health systems are buying EHRs nowadays, those that do opt for Epic, KLAS Research reports. Among the only three large private-sector organizations that purchased EHRs in 2018, all went with Epic, switching from Cerner or Allscripts. For the second straight year, Cerner inked the most new hospitals, thanks to… Read More »