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How can I eat a low-calorie diet as a vegan?

The most filling and healthful foods tend to be high in protein, fiber, or both. These two nutrients promote satiety, which is the feeling of fullness. Legumes and soy-based products are examples of foods that are high in protein and fiber, while fibrous, fat-rich foods, such as avocado and almonds, also promote satiety. The satiety… Read More »

Portion control is just another diet that won’t work for most – Quartz

Most diets fall into one of two categories—they either claim to unlock a previously misunderstood secret of nutrition science that will lead to effortless weight loss (see: Keto, Atkins); or they promise an innovative way to change your thinking around food that will lead to effortless weight loss (see: Noom, intermittent fasting). The reality is… Read More »