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Exercise In The Third Trimester

So you’ve hit your third trimester, and you’re feeling “larger than life,” but is it safe to continue to exercise?? YES! Given you are having a healthy pregnancy and have your doctor’s approval, there are many safe and effective forms of exercise that are both beneficial for you as well as you growing baby.  Safe… Read More »

Medical News Today: How does exercise support health later in life?

New research shows that older adults who exercise regularly can perform everyday tasks more easily and gain independence. Swimming is a great way to stay fit in older age. Insufficient physical activity causes around 3.2 million deaths worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). These declining levels of physical activity may be… Read More »

5 Things To Remember If You’re Struggling To Maintain A Consistent Exercise Regime

We don’t mean to harp on about why you should continue working out through winter (we know the struggle is real), but there really are some things you can do to stop yourself from falling off the bandwagon altogether. And whilst we’re not here to tell you to recruit a friend for accountability (although that… Read More »