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Dementia: New WHO prevention guidelines evaluate 12 risk factors

Millions of people around the world have a form of dementia, but scientists are still unsure exactly what causes this condition. Nevertheless, newly published prevention guidelines from the World Health Organization evaluate 12 risk factors and offer advice on how to tackle them. This week, the WHO have released a new set of guidelines on… Read More »

In #MeToo age, APA has new guidelines for psychologists talking about masculinity

How is a man supposed to act? What is masculinity and when does it become toxic? And how should psychologists approach the concept of masculinity when seeing patients? These are questions an increasing number of psychologists must consider as dialogue around toxic masculinity, sexual abuse and harassment and the #MeToo movement continues across the country.… Read More »

Physician-Diagnosed Asthma Criteria Inconsistent With Official Guidelines

December 28, 2018 Share this content: Both pediatric pulmonologists and nonpulmonologists were surveyed to study the various methods used to diagnose asthma. The criteria physicians use to diagnose asthma are not uniform and often do not follow official guidelines, according to study results published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society. These results mirror previous… Read More »