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Weekly Health Quiz: Exercise, Memory and Sleep

1 of 7 Of the following, Americans are most likely to die of a: Car crash Fall Opioid overdose Gun assault 2 of 7 Sleeping less than this many hours a night was tied to hardening of the arteries: 5 hours 6 hours 7 hours 8 hours 3 of 7 This hormone, produced during exercise,… Read More »

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The uterus plays a role in memory, study finds

New research conducted in an animal model has uncovered an intriguing fact about the uterus, namely that it seems to interact with the brain and affect memory. The uterus may have other roles beyond reproduction, new research suggests, and removing the uterus could affect memory. The best-known role of the uterus is its function in… Read More »

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Walking Backward Boosts Your Memory

Researchers from London’s University of Roehampton suggest people who walk backward perform better on memory tests than those who stand still or walk forward. If you are looking to inject new energy into your exercise routine, you might want to try walking or running backward. Beyond the physical benefits to your body, exercising backward may… Read More »

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