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Sen. Patty Murray: ‘Mental health issues don’t cause mass shootings’

Sen. Patty Murray asserted on her Twitter account that the true cause of mass shootings are not people who have mental health issues but rather firearms. Murray tweeted this week in the aftermath of the mass shootings that occurred in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, within 24 hours of each other. “Mental health issues… Read More »

Al Interviews Jacob Moore | Filmmaker and Founder of NoStigmas Mental Health Support Community [Podcast]

— In this episode, Al interviews Jacob Moore, filmmaker and founder of NoStigmas mental health support community (recorded 1-23-19). After losing his father at the young age of six, Jake struggled with undiagnosed, debilitating depression and anxiety for much of his life. Panic attacks related to his physical health were frequent and he eventually turned… Read More »