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Hungry? Resting bodies burn more calories in late afternoon, early evening

In the name of biological science, it was a particularly big ask. Boston researchers kept seven people in windowless rooms for 37 days. No clocks, radios, televisions, phones or internet. Bedtimes were adjusted so that each night, participants went to sleep four hours later, throwing their body’s circadian rhythms so off balance the effect was… Read More »

5 (more) things we learned by focusing on cybersecurity in October

With National Cybersecurity Awareness Month winding down, we initially reported five things learned from researching and writing about infosec in depth during October. Real quickly, those include: synthetic ID theft, the benefit of dashboards, consumerism’s impact on network perimeters, guidance about what to look for when picking a penetration tester and a rethinking of the belief… Read More »