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6 Things Doctors Usually Do That Annoy Patients

Everyone looks up to their physician when having a health issue. This might require visiting the physician’s medical practice or to call them. However, a lot can happen during this interaction. Sometimes physicians bemoan patients’ overbearing attitude, poor personal hygiene, and getting pestered out of office hours. Additionally, physicians think that patients don’t deserve to… Read More »

While pharmacy benefit managers are watching cable, patients are streaming Netflix

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) including Express Scripts, CVS Health, and OptumRX are the subject of intense criticism by virtually everyone in medicine and politics. While the purpose of PBM’s group purchasing business model was intended to contribute to lower drug costs and premiums, many of their customers have not experienced these benefits. Instead, many patients… Read More »

Payers mull more use of voice-activated AI to engage patients

More payers are looking for unique ways to engage members, including the use of voice-activated artificial intelligence. Today’s consumers have grown used to technological advances making life easier all round them, and they expect that to extend to their healthcare experiences, as well. “Shared risk models among providers and payers will help drive new approaches… Read More »