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A High Protein Reduced Calorie Diet Helps Older People Lose Weight Safely

According to results from a randomized controlled trial, a high protein reduced calorie diet can help older obese individuals lose more weight and “bad” fat, while maintaining muscle mass and improving bone quality.[1] Geriatricians have struggled with safe weight loss recommendations for the elderly due to the muscle and bone loss that can result from… Read More »

Earth becoming an increasingly unhealthy place for people – UN report

The report’s authors said it may not be too late. Stock image Earth becoming an increasingly unhealthy place for people – UN report Independent.ie Earth is sick, with multiple and worsening environmental problems killing millions of people every year, according to a United Nations report. https://www.independent.ie/life/health-wellbeing/earth-becoming-an-increasingly-unhealthy-place-for-people-un-report-37913502.html https://www.independent.ie/incoming/article37913501.ece/1976f/AUTOCROP/h342/stock-app-climate-change.jpg Email Earth is sick, with multiple and worsening… Read More »

Resistance Training Program Improves Health In Older People

According to a study, the health of over 65 year old individuals is improved with a resistance training program, and the benefits can be achieved with as little as one resistance training session a week. The health benefits include improvements in mental well-being, muscle strength and blood values.[1] Individuals who almost had high cholesterol, high… Read More »