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Anticholinergic drugs increase your risk for dementia

While dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (the most advanced, severe and lethal form of dementia) are primarily diet- and lifestyle-driven, certain medications can also ramp up your risk. One of the riskiest classes of drugs in this regard are anticholinergic drugs, prescribed for such widely varying conditions such as depression, incontinence, insomnia, allergies and epilepsy.1 You… Read More »

Third-party risk costs the healthcare industry $23.7 billion per year, report finds

The inability to adequately assess and understand the risks that vendors pose is becoming incredibly costly to healthcare providers, according to a new report released today by Censinet and the Ponemon Institute. The yearly hidden costs of managing vendor risk is $ 3.8 million per healthcare provider, far surpassing the $ 2.9 million that each… Read More »