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Mom shares photo of daughter's severe allergic reaction to show what anaphylactic shock looks like

Mom shares photo of her daughter’s severe allergic reaction after eating ONE-TENTH of a cashew nut to show what anaphylactic shock looks like Maren Berghaus, three, of Frisco, Texas, was undergoing a controlled allergy test at her allergist’s office this month when she was given one-tenth of a cashew She began itching and complaining of… Read More »

Blockchain pilots expected to show results in specific use cases

Several pilot projects using blockchain technology in healthcare are expected to wrap up in 2019, expected to show demonstrable results in commonsense use cases. Those demonstration projects could prove the value of the technology to the healthcare industry is solving vexing information coordination problems, such as ascertaining the accuracy of data in provider directories and… Read More »

China says tests of possibly tainted medical product show no HIV

BEIJING (Reuters) – China is investigating a manufacturer of medical products following reports that it sold human immunoglobulin for intravenous injection that had possibly been contaminated with HIV, though authorities said tests found no sign of the virus. China has repeatedly vowed tighter oversight and crackdowns on companies and officials after food and drug safety… Read More »