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9 steps to finding a therapist

Louise Chunn, founder of therapist directory welldoing.org on how to find a therapist, how much it costs and whether it’s worth it  Look online, in the press or on TV and you won’t have to wait long to spot a household name or celebrity talking about how therapy has helped keep them sane. Whether they have… Read More »

Weight loss: Woman loses FIVE stone by following diet plan with three simple steps – Express

Snacking on processed foods is something many people find themselves doing, and combined with large portions at mealtimes, it can be easy to overeat. And, if your calorie consumption exceeds the amount of energy you burn, over time, it is possible to gain excess weight. This was an issue Lesley Walker encountered, with her weight… Read More »

6 steps to healing from narcissistic abuse

The world’s foremost expert on narcissistic abuse, Melanie Tonia Evans, reveals the steps to recovery  Most of us think that we would never come into contact with someone with narcissistic tendencies let alone develop a relationship with one. Sadly, our perceptions of what a narcissist is could not be further from the truth. In my new book You Can… Read More »