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58% Of Women Surgeons Suffer Sexual Harassment: Why This May Hurt You Too

Pictured in the operating room is the senior author of the study presented at the 15th Annual Academic Surgical Congress: Kristalyn Gallagher, DO, Section Chief of Breast Surgery and Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of North Carolina. (Photo: Courtesy of Heather Logghe, MD)Courtesy of Heather Logghe, MD A recent publication in the Annals… Read More »

Doctors and nurses are made to suffer

An excerpt from Please Don’t Die. While I was still writing this book, a local doctor killed himself.  This was a younger psychiatrist with a successful practice, leaving three children after shooting himself in the head.  What do you imagine his patients are thinking right now, especially if they are struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts?  I didn’t know… Read More »