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7 Tips For Better Sleep, And How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Save You With Acupuncture

Many people today like to brag about how little they sleep and how much they work, but there’s nothing healthy at all about this kind of lifestyle. Chronic lack of sleep is associated with a worrying array of health effects, from impaired cognition and high blood pressure, to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.… Read More »

7 tips for getting used to your new hearing aids

Many people are surprised to learn that it can take awhile to get used to hearing aids, especially if you’ve never worn them before. Along with learning how they work, you’re also grappling with all the new sounds and stimuli that your brain has forgotten about in recent years. Your hearing care professional will be an important… Read More »

Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Research has shown that those holiday pounds are part of the culprit of the obesity epidemic. Each year, many people just keep adding a few extra pounds until one day they wake up significantly overweight. If you’re careful though, one can survive December without taking a hit to your waistline or your blood pressure. I… Read More »