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The first time I felt I truly helped a patient

November 2017. I was on my pediatrics rotation at a local community clinic. My attending asked me if I could see Johnathan (identifying information and event details altered to protect confidentiality), an eight-year-old boy who has been increasingly fatigued since the start of the school year. I walked down the hallway laden with paintings of… Read More »

Can We Ever Be Truly Fearless?

A friend of mine who works for a jewelry company that makes necklaces inscribed with empowering sayings recently offered me one. “How about the ‘I am fearless’ one?” she asked. “I don’t think so,” I said. “I’m not fearless.” She laughed. I did too. Except I meant it. And I haven’t been able to stop… Read More »

Amanda Bynes Is the Only Person the Internet Can Truly Rally Behind Today

2018 finally did something right and gave Amanda Bynes the comeback she deserves. In a move that truly just broke the internet, Amanda stepped into the spotlight once again and graced the cover of Paper magazine looking happier and healthier than ever. After struggling with her mental health and substance abuse, retiring from acting in… Read More »