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Marijuana really DOES give women better orgasms, new study finds

Marijuana really DOES give women better orgasms: New study finds cannabis leaves users twice as likely to report sexual satisfaction Study found that marijuana use prior to sex does improve overall experience Women who smoked reported increased sex drive, more orgasm satisfaction   Differences translate to 2.13 higher odds of ‘satisfactory orgasms’ for pot users It’s… Read More »

Chinese Databases Gives Details of 'BreedReady' Women; Age, Address, Marital Status of 1.8 Million Females Leaked

Chinese women (Photo Credits: Getty Images) A hacker claims to have found details accumulated by a Chinese organisation about more than 1.8 million women, including their fertility status. Dutch ethical hacker Victor Gevers says that the data has been registered with details like phone numbers, education, location, marital status, addresses and even a ‘BreedReady’ status.… Read More »

Quebec warns of cancer risk to women with textured breast implants

MONTREAL — The Quebec Health Department wants the thousands of women in the province who have received textured breast implants since 1995 to be warned of a potential cancer risk. The government has asked the province’s hospitals and clinics to contact all patients who received that specific type of implant in the last 24 years… Read More »